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Ilpo Koskela - Juha Ruusuvuori

Jähti - Sailing Ship of the North

Size B5, 208 pages, two-toned, hardcover. English edition.
ISBN 978-952-92-3225-3. Meriva sr  2008.

The book by Ilpo Koskela and Juha Ruusuvuori on the Perämeren Jähti traditional sailing ship has received considerable attention and good feedback, and it is now also available in English. The Finnish edition was published in May 2007 and English edition in January 2008.

Jähti - Sailing Ship of the North is a comprehensive non-fiction book describing not only the ship itself but also the history of peasant sailing in Finland a hundred years ago. Part of the book is a fictional graphic novel, 83 pages, set in Finland in the 1850s, which provides more insight into the Jähti ships in addition to illuminating the everyday lives of people and the political atmosphere in the world at that time.

A book combining fact and fiction by means of non-fiction writing and cartoons is an unusual way of communicating. At least in Finland, the authors have not seen a similar work before.
The craft of building boats in the old style dating from the era of peasant sailing has been quite active in Finland in recent years. Ships have been built according to original designs all along the Finnish coast. The traditional sailing ship has a significant task in Kemi as well: invigorating the old boat-building  tradition, employing people who have been unemployed for long periods and promoting tourism.

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