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Ilpo Koskela’s comics and illustrations have been published in the Finnish media since the 1990s. He is the author of nine comic books and has been translated into five different languages to date. He has also illustrated two children’s books and published three guides to making comics.


Koskela is currently working on a graphic novel set in the Nordic countries during the Middle Ages, as well as a comic that takes place on the Eastern Front during the Second World War. His 2014 comic album Touch Line (Rajalinja) had a second printing in 2021 and is a selection for the fifth- and sixth-grade Reading Diploma program organized by the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Libraries.


2022 Revel (Revel), GST Graafinen Studio
2021The Touch Line (Rajalinja), 2nd edition, Arktinen Banaani
2020 Tampere’s Linna (Tampereen Linna), script by Karo Hämäläinen,
Kustannusosakeyhtiö Tammi

2018 The New Comic Artist’s Guidebook, revised edition
(Uusi Sarjakuvantekijän oppikirja, uudistettu laitos), Arktinen Banaani

2016 The New Comic Artist’s Guidebook
(Uusi Sarjakuvantekijän oppikirja), Arktinen Banaani

2015 Lusia, Like Kustannus Oy

2014 The Touch Line (Rajalinja), Arktinen Banaani

2013 Heroic Deeds in Ahmas (Sankaritekoja Ahmaksella), Municipality of Utajärvi

2010 The Comic Artist’s Guidebook (Sarjakuvantekijän oppikirja), Arktinen Banaani

2009 The Devil’s Whisper (Paholaisen kuiskaus), Arktinen Banaani

2007 Jähti: Sailing Ship of the North (Perämeren Jähti), script by Juha Ruusuvuori,
Meriva Foundation

2006 Smokey and Tiger and the Rhi-noc-er-os-hedge-hog
(Mouru ja Räppi ja sarvi-kuo-no-sii-li), text by Pirkko-Liisa Perttula, WSOY

1997 Aleks Revel, Valiosarjat Oy

1992 The Cartoon Cookbook (Sarjakuvakeittokirja), with Ari Kutila, Arctic Comics Center

1991 The Irishman (Irlantilainen) Arctic Comics Center


Nominations and Awards:
2015 Sarjakuva-Finlandia prize for comics finalist for Lusia

1992 The Great Finnish Story comics contest, 2nd prize

1989 Kemi National Comics Contest, 1st prize

1985 Kemi National Comics Contest, 1st prize


2016 Astewtew n cci?an (Paholaisen kuiskaus), Oxygen Publishing House, Algeria
2015 Ayerrabu n ugafa (Perämeren Jähti), Oxygen Publishing House, Algeria
2012 Илпо Коскела – Краткое руководство по созданию комиксов

(A Short Guide to Drawing Comics), Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Russia

2011 Djävulens Viskning (Paholaisen kuiskaus), Optimal Press, Sweden
2008 Smávva oahpis ráidogovaid sárgumii (A Short Guide to Drawing Comics), Regional Council of Lapland, Finland (Sámi-language edition)
2008 Jähti: Sailing Ship of the North (Perämeren Jähti), Meriva Foundation, Finland


Contact Information:

GST Graafinen Studio, Oulu, Finland, +358 40 051 4540,


From page Sarjakuvat you can see magazine and newspaper comics – in Finnish

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